Mid-Week Rides: Geyserville Trip Report

Major WWWobble writes: The dynamic threesome (Cheri, Ron, and WWWobble) depart Geyserville on a crisp Sunday morning at a proper 10:30am and head north to Cloverdale for fuel. Yes, we knew the ride was Sunday. No, none of us had fuel,… or rather, we wanted it fresh. Then Hwy 128 thru Booneville. Westbound traffic on 128 was light, three cars I believe, and all three pulled right for us to pass. Cheri is our leader, it’s her ride, and it’s clear that she has learned a lesson or two at the track days she has attended.

Left turn after Booneville, onto Mountain View Road which heads directly west to the coast near the Point Arena Light Station. Mt View is tight and in relatively good shape on the east side of the mountain. Good view of the coast from the top (duh, look at the name). The pavement gets rougher on the down side.

Here we are coast side, happy, smiling, weather is clear and 62F. Calm seas, no wind. This image is taken at a pull out just north of Manchester.

Cheri, taking her position as Ride Leader seriously, checks to ensure there are no more roads west. Convinced that we have, indeed, exhausted all westward travel, we head north up Hwy 1. The lack of traffic is surprising and we move right along enjoying what has to be one of the best sections of one of the best roads in the world for motorcycling! Too soon we arrive in Elk. All this enthusiastic riding makes one hungry…

…and our Ride Leader has food covered. Queenie’s Roadhouse Cafe. It’s the type of establishment even Stopwatch could find something to eat at, (dangling preposition) included. Good food, both “conventional” and “organic.” Good coffee both “expresso” and “Joe.” Restrooms? Outside in back, the largest porta potti I’ve ever seen, with walls decorated with artwork, matted & framed. Ah Mendocino! OK. Let’s Go.

Continue up coast to just before Mendocino, then right turn on Ukiah / Comptche Road. Tight, uphill, then downhill, good pavement to Comptche (elevation 183). Temps warming, now in high 70s, pavement deteriorating, corners getting tighter, …the Hammer is feeling larger, heavier, with way more horsepower than this goat path calls for. It’s here you learn the efi really is more abrupt than you want, and if you are at 5000rpm or more when it kicks in it kicks in HARD. The ABS Nissin linked brakes are just superb! I’m using everything I’ve been taught over the years to try to stay with Cheri… loose on the grips, tight knees on the tank, counter-steer and weight the pegs, look thru turns, anticipate line, keep your butt light on the seat pressuring pegs with the balls of your feet. I’m able to stay with Cheri but it’s hard work. No way I can keep Ron in sight. When he wants to, that Aprilia is just gone! Note to Motorcyclist: The FJR may be the sportier of their recent comparo, but it’s too large to sport easily, and when you are behind a good pilot on a sport bike, that’s where you’ll stay. Behind. Or way behind. Anyway, we all arrive Ukiah with big grins. We survived our immaturity. Again. And it was fun. No pitchers on this section. We’ll save that for another run. Note to Captain, have you done this road? I had not, and it is BEAUTIFUL (i think). It will be especially nice after some rain as it winds thru a lovely Redwood preserve, and there’s just no traffic up here, and the few vehicles you come upon invariably use a turnout to let you pass.

Time now for a “kinder gentler” pace as we wind thru the various valley roads following vineyards back to Geyserville. You can see that fall is beginning here, as much fall as we get anyway.

This image was taken on West Dry Creek Road just west of Geyserville. The trees are turning to fall colors and it is warm and quite lovely, however, it’s not just the creek that’s dry. Everyone hopes for rain. So far no damage to the vineyards according to Ron, but they are irrigated.

And next a perfect cap to a great ride, Cheri returns to Healdsburg to pick up a pot roast that had been simmering as we rode. Roxanne was home with Makers Mark ready as we pulled in, and a fine bottle (or two) of locally produced Zinfandel was consumed with the meal. Good music on Ron’s killer stereo system followed. We listened to Faure’s Requiem, a beautiful choral piece, in honor of Sunday, and then moved right into the rock n roll till bedtime.

No tickets, no crashes, and only a slight hangover Monday morning! Thanks Cheri, Ron & Roxanne. This is the way to have a RIDE!!