Mid-Week Rides: North, again

Chris wrote on Mar 27:

Subject: Mid-Week Ride - Wed 4/2/
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:21:06 EDT

That's next Wednesday.  Meet at 0900 hrs. for breakfast at the Henny Penny 
Restaurant in Petaluma (Chevron Station next door).  I'll depart the north end 
view area of the Golden Gate Bridge at 0810 hrs. for those wishing to 

We'll ride up to Healdsburg after breakfast for West Dry Creek and work our 
way through Asti for the north-end of the Geyser's Loop and come south from 

Here are the resulting pictures. Maybe someone who was on the ride will let the rest of us know how it was other than the “Great ride” comment Chris added when he sent these pics.