Mid-Week Rides: Fall ride in wine country

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012

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Major WWWobble writes:

The Captain ordered this humble scribe to do the trip write up, so here’s the who, what, when, where, and why of it all. OK. Pay attention. Here goes.


The first guy I saw when I pulled into the Chevron next door to the fabulous Henny Penny was ZunkelMan. So he musta got there first. Then the Captain, PetetheCop, and SlowJoeS. who isn’t so slow anymore arrived at the pumps followed a short time later by our esteemed and getting to be regular EastBay Bridge Crosser, Paul Hampton. So we are six.


A MidWeek Ride, that’s what


Wednesday, 14 November 2012 most of the day


Up around Napa somewhere. I have no idea which exact roads actually because I was lookin’ around and fiddling with stuff on the bike and wondering if global warming affected micro climates like Napa and maybe the SouthPole more than say Minneapolis or Fargo. But the Captain HATEs when I get creative on these RideReports especially when it comes to the where part so he has supplied me with the FACTs, mam, just the FACTS. Captain sez:

“We rode Railroad for Roberts, Sonoma Mtn, Valley of the Moon,Trinity, Oakville Grade, Rutherford. Silverado Trail for a break in Calistoga. Back to Hwy 29 for Lawley, which took us back to Hwy 29, but now WB. Came over Mountain Springs for Santa Rosa and a break at 7-11 Store, Hwy 12 to Hwy 101 SB for the bridge and home..”


Umm. Just because.

Because we had a pretty good breakfast at the Henny Penny. Paul, who I don’t believe has eaten at the HennyP before was observant enough to point out that we were picking the worst table in the place to sit, when a new and spacious booth was right next to it. Thanks Paul.

Because the Captain called for a little rest stop in Calistoga, but really what he wanted was some tape to re-attach his broken BMW mirror. PeteTheCop recommended Gorilla Tape. Oh oh! As the Captain came out of Ace is the Place Hardware store we were informed that Gorilla tape is EXPENSIVE. But his mirror hasn’t fallen off.

Because the Captain led a nice ride, and stopped to allow somebody to take some fall color pictures. In fact he stopped several times, and during the last photo op stop that somebody zoomed on ahead to enjoy the road. No gratitude.

Because the Captain thoughtfully stopped for a member or two to water the roadside flora and three somebodies didn’t stop for that either. Very narrow road. That was on the Lawley grade which goes up the hill from Calistoga to the East of Hwy 29, substituting broken, bumpy, potholed, dirty pavement for the smooth banked sweepers of Hwy 29. But we got to take those smooth sweepers on the way down, so it’s all good.

Because when it’s 75F in Napa in the middle of November, one really should ride a motorcycle up there and enjoy it. Which we all did. Good companionship, good road selections, nice fall color in the vineyards, an excellent MWR!

Pictures from various riders in no particular order