Mid-Week Rides: Octover Dud

Chris writes (2006-10-12):

Today’s ride was a ‘dud’.

Bill’s M/C quit at the gas station in Hayward. We agreed he’d ride with me and after the ride, we’d get my trailer and move it. We went to breakfast, Marco was with us, but only through breakfast. Okay, two bikes, three people, we’ll ride Mt. Hamilton as planned! At about the 6 mile mark Major WWWobble, the late ‘Major WWWobble’, changed his name to ‘Sticky Throttle’ and we turned around, then’n there. So, Mt. Hamilton is on the list and we’ll gladly add Bodega Bay to the list. This’ll be some good news to Jon Beining at least.

As of this writing we can report that we escorted Burn’s (Sticky Throttle) home and he’s since reported the ‘fix’; when we got Bill’s bike back to Portola Valley we had it diagnoised and fixed within the hour.

Now to schedule a ride over Mt. Hamilton…. How about next Thursday? 10/19 Hey people, answer up!